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Custom Landscape Design

At VHS Outdoor Living, we understand the importance of having a plan. That's why we always start with one, whether it's an intricate design by our in-house landscape designer or a straightforward scope of work by our experienced consultants.  Long before a shovel hits the dirt, hours of pre-planning ensure that the landscape project will go smoothly and the end results will last.

We take into account your vision, timeline, budget, and the natural environment when designing a plan that meets your needs. With our experienced team of landscape designers and consultants, you can be sure that your project will be completed with the highest quality standards.

The Design Process

Idea Generation 

  • First on-site meeting with designer after consultation

  • Share Ideas of your vision for the space (Pinterest boards are a great tool) 

  • Collect Documents (survey, as-builts, HOA guidelines, pool concepts, ect.)

  • Field Measurements

Base Plan Review

  • Second meeting with designer

  • Sharing of vision for the project and a progress review of the design so far

  • This is your opportunity for input on the progress of the design and feedback on changes

Final Plan Review

  • Final Meeting with Designer

  • Presentation of Final Master Plan to Client

  • Issuance of Hard Copies and Digital Copies of Master Plan and Other Notes

  • Planning and Budgeting


  • Determining Costs of the Project (Estimating/Budgeting)

  • Process Planning

  • Custom Fabrication Planning

  • Permitting and HOA/ARC Submittals

VHS Jerry-1067.jpg


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