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Landscaping Design and Consultation San Antonio, VHS Landscaping


Contact us here for consultation pricing and additional questions.

The purpose of our landscaping consultations is to evaluate site conditions, discuss your objectives, and provide suggestions on how to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions, transforming the space you have into the space you desire.  All consultations include a quote which details material quality and quantity, as wells as the processes involved in transforming your landscape. 

Material selection is key to a sustainable landscape.  We use the highest quality materials that will promote a flourishing landscape for years to come.  Plant selection is a critical part of landscaping.  Our method of plant selection takes into account many factors such as: available space, water requirements, soil conditions, extent of maintenance, sustainability, sunlight requirements, and encouraging or discouraging wildlife.

If you are a weekend warrior or just need a professional's opinion, we would also be more than happy to consult with you and create a plan for your own use. (subject to season and availability)   


Are you a visual learner? VHS Landscaping can provide hand drawn renderings or Computer-aided Designs for your landscaping projects.  


From simple conceptual sketches to full CAD designs in color with construction documents; VHS can provide the graphic details that you desire for your project.  Prices will vary depending on project size and intricacy. Blue Heron Designs

Landscaping Design and Consultation San Antonio, VHS Landscaping
Landscaping Installation, design, and consultation San Antonio, VHS Landscaping


Services offered by VHS Landscaping:

Landscape Design

Landscape Consultation, Budgeting, and Planning
Site Work and Land Preparation
Irrigation (Sprinkler) Installation 
Landscape Lighting
Pond and Water Feature Creation
Full Landscape Installation 
Tree Trimming
Masonry and Paver Installation- Patios, Walkway, Walls, Bed Borders
Retaining Wall Construction- Stone, Concrete, Manufactured
Fence Installation- Wood, Iron, Stone, Stucco

Carpentry Services- Decks, Arbors, Raised Vegetable Gardens

Outdoor Kitchens- Grill Tops to Full Kitchens

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