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Rock On!

Want to incorporate riverstone, boulder, flagstone or crushed stone into your landscape but afraid of overdoing it? Well you should be. No really, too much rock can make a landscape look cold and boring if not done correctly. On the other hand, rock features can absolutely make your outdoor living space look warm, inviting and especially unique. Here are some other ways rocks can "rock" your outdoor living world!

Rocks for Sustainability: rocks, stones and gravel cut down on water-hungry lawn space, substantially reducing water usage

Supporting Rolls: Rocks and stones enhance planting spaces as an attractive edging for garden beds

Solid as a Rock: The presence of rocks in a garden is calming and restful. Surrounded by seasonal changes of plants and weather, rocks stand firm

Water and Rocks. The alliance of rocks and water is key to Asian garden philosophy. It affirms the yin-yang concept of balancing opposite and complementary natural forces

Want to try something new and fun? Try growing your own moss rocks. "Rock Lichen" aka Moss for rocks adds color and texture to boulders that are in shady spaces. Their amazing colors often occur naturally and turn a nondescript rock into a special attraction.

Here is a recipe for a “moss milkshake”

Step one, be patient. Moss is a long game and not something that will happen overnight. Make a thick sludge of buttermilk or yogurt and live moss (some nurseries sell tubs of moss, or you could collect it from a shady moist area), and then paint it on rocks and stones in a shady place. Mist with water daily until it’s established. Pitted or depressed rocks are a better choice than smooth ones.

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