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Ice Ice Weedy

Just when you thought everything has gone to sleep until spring, there is one last surprise after this hard freeze we are experiencing. Frost Weed or Ice Weed plant gives a winter sculpture for your viewing pleasure.

At first glance, this natural ice sculpture looks like a plastic bag or styrofoam packing material caught around the stem of the plant. Upon second look you will find that is the natural occurrence of the Frost Weed plant.

The airy, fragile constructions pour out of the plants’ stems. In the fall, Frost Weed serves as a prime nectar source for Monarchs and birds. Upon first frost, the stem splits, the sap oozes out and freezes to form fascinating curled ice ribbons and intriguing sculptures.

If you are lucky enough to see some Frost Weed this season be sure and take a pic and share with us at VHS on Facebook .

Note: Pictures borrowed from the internet until we are lucky enough to find some in nature.

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