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Adjusting your Watering for a Happy Holiday Season!

Hey, y'all! Happy Holidays from the VHS Landscaping team! We hope you're soaking in the festive spirit and enjoying the start of this wonderful season. Speaking of soaking, we've just had some much-needed rain, a blessing for our plants and grass. There's truly no substitute for the goodness of natural rainfall.

With our yards happily moist, it's the perfect time to transition our sprinklers to winter settings. As temperatures drop and rain becomes more frequent, adjusting our irrigation systems ensures we're not overwatering during the winter months. Here are some easy guidelines to follow throughout fall and winter:

1. Weekly Watering:

  • If your system waters twice a week, consider reducing it to once a week.

2. Drip Irrigation:

  • Reduce drip irrigation to 45 minutes per zone.

3. Lawn Sprays:

  • Cut down lawn spray systems to 25 minutes per zone.

4. Rotors:

  • Run Rotor Zones for 35 minutes per zone, as applicable.

Here's a helpful YouTube video on basic irrigation functions using one of our most common irrigation controllers: Watch Now

The scorching temperatures this past summer took a toll on grass, plants, and even well-established trees citywide. To help your green companions recover from the summer stress and prepare for winter, we'll be offering some "refresh" services. Keep an eye out for details via email and social media. If you have specific needs, drop us an email, and we'll get in touch to set up an evaluation.

Wishing you and your landscape a joyful and stress-free holiday season! Stay green!


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